‘Biggest Loser’ Winners named by the National Insurance Board

‘Biggest Loser’ Winners named by the National Insurance Board

7/11/2021 11:58:54 AM
Nassau, Bahamas… July 13th, 2021… Following thorough blood pressure, glucose, weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) health screenings before and after eight weeks of wellness activities, the National Insurance Board (NIB) has officially named its ‘Biggest Loser’ competition winners.

Winners were selected based on who, by percentage, lost the most weight. Additionally, eligible participants had to attend at least one health and wellness session per week.

Out of 88 New Providence-based participants, Lequel Pratt (3.83% lost), Shovonia McKinney (2.70% lost), and Bonnette Knowles (2.59% lost) exercised their way to the top.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place champions received gift cards in the amounts of $300, $200, and $150, respectively in addition to a trophy, medal, and certificate of participation. Moreover, winner Lequel Pratt was awarded with a one-month membership to Outdoor Fitness Bahamas.

The Biggest Loser Challenge was launched during April, 2021, as part of the NIB’s overall Employee Wellness Programme under the theme “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise” to promote healthier lifestyles with focus on mental, physical and emotional well-being, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The Biggest Loser Challenge featured aerobics, weight and resistance training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), core, and CrossFit fitness programmes- with Grand Bahama and Andros-based employees also hosting and engaging in initiatives on those islands.

LaShandra Simmons, Karen Campbell, and Shandi Missick- who lost sixteen, six, and five pounds respectively- competed in Grand Bahama. Andros participants Lilymae Fowler , Miesha Johnson-Hinsey, and Vanria Hanna-Woodside participated in health screenings and walked regularly to successfully complete that island’s Biggest Loser Challenge.

The National Insurance Board also announced the Central Benefits Department as winners of the departmental prize. They earned this by having the most participants attend the various activities incorporated in the wellness initiative.

The Central Benefits Department is responsible for pension payments each month. During the coronavirus pandemic, they were responsible for managing both the government-funded programme for self-employed individuals and the government-funded extension programme, which is still ongoing.

Overall, NIB’s Employee Wellness Initiative can boast of happy employees who have lost pounds, cut inches and now look forward to not only joining the challenge again, but also implementing what was learned in their daily lives.

The NIB Employee Wellness Initiative was chaired by Sonovia Campell and co-chaired by Freeda Blatch-Fullerton . Committee members included Joy Dean, Dellarese Wright, Everette Sweeting, Joey Pennerman, Nurse Ruth Pickstock, Jemma Hepburn, Cherez Brown, Luchiano Seymour, Christopher Wright, Nadia Vanderpool, Clarice Lewis, and Stacie Basden. Honorable mention is also given to Edward Thompson, Louvin Sands, Tonique Williams, Nurse Sheryl Charlow, and the Talent Management and Capacity Development, Facilities, Public Relations, Security Services and Fleet Management Departments.

Lowe’s Wholesale, Thompson Trading, Fun Foods (Lickety Split), Aquapure, Super Value, Asa H. Pritchard, Salad Masters, Nassau Agency, Starbucks, Flirty Girl, BahamaHealth/Family Guardian, Star Insurance, and Ports International all sponsored NIB’s Biggest Loser Challenge.

Photo Captions

For having the most participants attend the various activities incorporated in the National Insurance Board’s (NIB) wellness initiative, the Central Benefits Department was awarded the NIB Biggest Loser Challenge departmental prize. 

Lequel Pratt won the NIB Biggest Loser Challenge after shedding 3.83% of her starting weight.

Shovonia McKinney lost 2.70% of her starting weight and scored second place in the NIB Biggest Loser Challenge.

Bonnette Knowles placed third in the NIB Biggest Loser Challenge after losing 2.59% of her starting weight.

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Algernon Cargill, Director of the National Insurance Board (NIB) is responding to a Tribune article (March 12, 2009) that suggested that members of the business community are in a state of “enormous consternation” over the Board’s current and ongoing process of updating its contribution records. Though NIB has addressed this issue in the recent past, the NIB Director wishes to say once again that the Board is obligated by the National Insurance Act to ensure that all employers have paid the amount of contributions due for each employee for each month, and that contributions submitted are accurately posted or deposited to the accounts of the appropriate employees.
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