The Board reports to the Minister of Government who is assigned ministerial responsibility for National Insurance. Currently, Cabinet responsibility for National Insurance falls within the portfolio of the Hon. Brensil Rolle, M.P., Minister of Public Service and National Insurance.

Board of Directors:

The Board is headquartered on New Providence in the Jumbey Village Complex on Blue Hill Road. It is administered by an 11-member Board of Directors.

Troy Smith, Chairman
Geoffrey Stuart
Deputy Chairman
Gene D. Albury
Michela Barnett-Ellis
Anethera Bowleg
Claretta Duncombe
Marcus Grammatico
Theresa Mortimer
Charles Sealy
Keith Beneby
Gina Sweeting-Moss

Executive Management Team:

The executive management team is responsible for the day-to-day operations of The National Insurance Board.

Mr. James Moss
Mrs. Sonia Gill
Financial Controller
Mrs. Heather Maynard
Legal Officer
Ms. June Collie
Deputy Director – Information and Communications Technology

Ms. Cyprianna Bethel
Deputy Director – Talent Management and Capacity Development
Whitney Patton
Chief Internal Auditor
Dr. Patrick Whitfield
Consultant – Medical Officer 
Kevin N. Knowles
Assistant Director – Information and Communications Technology 

Mrs. Rhonda Thurston-Ingraham
Assistant Director – Core Services, Claims and Benefits
Mr. Jeffrey Moncur
Assistant Director – Core Services, Claims and Benefits
Mrs. Tami Francis
Assistant Director - Analytics, Research and Actuarial Services


* On secondment from the Department of Information Technology, Bahamas Government.

 Press  here to view a listing of Ministers, Chairmen and Directors of the National Insurance Board down through the years.

Sharon Gardiner-Taylor, Assistant Director, Human Resources