The act of registering and then paying contributions activates for each worker of The Bahamas entitlement to the promise first made to Bahamian workers on October 7, 1974. That promise was and is that if he pays the required number of contributions, if he pays them in the prescribed manner and timeframe, and if he meets other conditions specific to the various benefits, he is guaranteed a level of income replacement when he needs it. National Insurance is delivering on that promise daily.

From here you are also able to access the National Insurance Board’s Registrant Self-Service Website. You will be able to view the personal information - birth date, street address, mailing address, telephone contact, etc. - listed on your account.

You are also able to access your Contribution Statement, containing the record of contributions paid and posted under your National Insurance number over the course of your employment.

If any of the information is incorrect or if there are gaps in your contributions history, please contact your nearest NIB Local Office or the Know Your Contribution (KYC) Unit at 242-502-1500.

Please click this link for the Registrant Self Service: Registrant Self Service