The act of registering and then paying contributions activates for each worker of The Bahamas entitlement to the promise first made to Bahamian workers on October 7, 1974. That promise was and is that if he pays the required number of contributions, if he pays them in the prescribed manner and timeframe, and if he meets other conditions specific to the various benefits, he is guaranteed a level of income replacement when he needs it. National Insurance is delivering on that promise daily.

All persons engaging in gainful employment in The Bahamas - whether employed on a temporary, probationary, part-time or permanent basis - are required to register with The National Insurance Board. Registration should be undertaken before, or as soon as possible after commencing work.

Upon registration each individual is assigned a National Insurance number. The National Insurance number is a unique eight (8) digit number that is distinctive, personal and specifically identifies the individual (the year and quarter of the registrant’s birth; and his/her sex).

Once a number is assigned, the registrant does not have to register again - even if changing jobs, moving to a new island, or changing names. To register complete the Form R4 and submit at a local NIB office. For the registration process a government issued identification or voter’s card is required.
At the time of registration, each eligible applicant is issued an NIB Smart Card. The NIB Smart Card is a government issued identification that features the cardholder’s National Insurance account number and a photograph of persons over the age of 16. The Smart Card is required for all persons whenever transacting business with the Board.

Renewal: The NIB Smart Card is renewable every five years for all cardholders between the ages of 16 and 60 years old. A person on their 16th birthday, must apply for a new NIB card which would now have a photograph and signature affixed to the card. For persons age 60, a new card labeled Senior will be issued. To renew the Smart Card, the Form R4, the expired card and passport or voter’s card is required.

Lost of Stolen Cards: In order to replace a lost or stolen card, an official police report along with the Form R4, passport or voter’s card is required. There is a fee of $10.00 to replace all lost or stolen cards. The $10.00 fee is waived for the first lost or stolen cards for seniors.
Contributions are to be deducted from the employed person’s wages before they are paid. Deductions are payable from the very first salary payment - even if the worker is serving out a “probationary period”. Contributions not deducted at the time they were due, cannot be reclaimed from employees’ future earnings. The employer is solely responsible for payment of arrears. Click here to read more.
Employees can view their Contribution Statement by logging on to the Registrant Self Service (RSS) portal.

Here employees can access their accounts containing the record of contributions paid and posted under their National Insurance number over the course of employment. Employees will also be able to view personal information - birth date, street address, mailing address, telephone contact, etc. - listed on their account.

If any of the information is incorrect or if there are gaps in ones contributions history, an email may be sent to